Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Little Black Dress

Happy Sunday Lovelies! I promised an outfit post this weekend and here it is!  It wasn’t until about 5 months ago when I bought this dress, that I actually owned a “Little Black Dress.”  Now that I do, I can tell you that it is actually very nice having that one piece that can be worn to multiple places but I can still feel myself and chic.  Plus this dress is just so much fun!  I have been getting so many questions about my shoes lately and unfortunately they are discontinued!  I bought them just in the knick of time.  If you don’t have a LBD you should def go get one!  And buy one that really represents you.  So you can wear it in your regular attire, by itself, or when “that” event comes up.  At least have fun while society tell you what you should own in your closet.  LOL!  Have a great rest of your weekend, be safe, be positive and go follow me on Twitter for updates on my life when I am not on Instagram!  Love you all! Mwuah!

dress: pink, bag: steve madden, sunnies: cole haan 

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  1. This dress is SO pretty! I'm loving the red shoes too! :)